Unique Valentine’s Day Experiences

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Unique Valentine’s Day experiences are becoming increasingly popular, especially among millennials. People are choosing to experience Valentine’s day rather than buying things.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), an estimated $18 billion will be spent on Valentine’s day this year. While most of those love dollars will be spent on jewelry, flowers, and candy, the NFR claims over 39% of recipients said they would love the gift of experience over store-bought gifts.

If you’re finding it difficult every year to get the perfect gift she doesn’t yet own or want, then the gift of experience might just be the perfect gift for her this year.

Ok, so you’ve decided to give an experience to remember this Valentine’s day. But what are some unique Valentine’s Day experiences you can do together to make this day even more special?

Ultimate Theater Experience

Does having dinner and a movie sound cliche? What if you can 10x this experience? You can…with an ultimate theater experience.

We live in Los Angeles, and most of the major movies theaters in our area converted to reserve seating with reclining chairs. While this is a significant upgrade from the old stadium seating format, there are some theaters that offer more a more personalized experience.

iPic is a chain of movie theaters in Los Angeles offering in-theater dining, complete with your own waiter. You can order gourmet food, prepared by a culinary trained in-house chef. While you wait for your food to arrive, you’ll be watching a movie on plush, premium reclining seats.

Your food arrives tableside by your assigned waiter. Enjoy a full course meal with refillable drinks, and complete it off with dessert at the end. After the movie, don’t go home just yet. Continue your Valentine’s Day date by enjoying a cocktail at the bar or lounging area.

This isn’t your typical movie and dinner evening. It’s truly a cinematic experience.

Weekend Getaway

Living in Los Angeles, we have many options for quick getaways for the weekend. Go east for an hour and a half and you can have a romantic dinner and show in Palm Desert. Go west for 2 hours and you can have lunch at the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara.

Are there new and undiscovered places in your area 2 or 3 hours away from where you can spend the night or weekend? It could be the perfect getaway spot to spend time alone together. Is there a bed and breakfast you’ve been wanting to check out? Or maybe a beachside resort?

I introduced Leny to Palm Desert when we first started dating. After a weekend stay at one of my favorite 5-star resorts, complete with spa, massage, and golf, she was hooked. Now we plan yearly trips to get away and reconnect.

Do you want her to feel special this year? Take her on a getaway Valentine’s day weekend. She’ll appreciate it, I promise!

Segway Tour

When Leny and I traveled to San Francisco for a family reunion, we wanted to do some sightseeing while we were there. One of the places worth seeing was Golden State Park. It’s a popular tourist attraction known for its beautiful landscapes, trails, botanical gardens, and lakes.

At over 1000 acres or 1.5 square miles long, it’ll take more than one day to see all the landmark locations. That is, of course, you go on a Segway Tour. What’s a Segway? It’s a two-wheeled, self-balancing personalized vehicle, designed for easier, long-distance travel. Think of it as an upright electric bike with no pedaling required.

We took the Golden Gate Park Segway tour, which lasts for two and a half hours. If you’ve never ridden a Segway, the tour provides 30 minutes of personal instructions to teach you how to maneuver the vehicle.

Once you’ve learned how to get around, a tour guide takes you to all the popular sights and landmarks within the park. We were given wireless headphone so we can hear the tour guide explain the history of each location.

We love doing things that are unique and different. If you have a Segway tour in your area and decide to surprise her on Valentine’s Day, be sure to eat some food after, because you’re going to be hungry from all the excitement and you’ll to want to re-live the experience again over lunch or dinner.

Join A Pottery Class

Channel your inner Ghost. Remember the movie Ghost and the pottery scene? While I’m not suggesting you go full-on sexy in the classroom, I do believe creating pottery as a couple can be a fun and unique bonding experience.

Anything creative and new can create lasting memories of the occasion, and if you’ve paid attention in class, you’ll come out with a nice pottery memento.

In Los Angeles, Good Dirt LA offers classes for kids and adults. One class costs $55 per adult, but since we’re talking Valentine’s Day experiences, they’re offering a couple’s special of $155, complete with wine and chocolate!

Look around in your neighborhood to see if there are pottery classes available. If not, be creative and look for other DIY projects you can take and experience together. Whichever DIY project you choose to take, the most important part of it all is your shared experience!

Create A Vision Board

Sometimes, Leny would get together with her yogi friends for lunch or dinner. On one occasion, her friend suggested they do a vision board for their next get together.

I thought this was a great idea. It’s an even better idea for couples, especially on Valentine’s Day. This is a great time to create your futures together and to envision what you want to do and accomplish over the next year, five years or even a decade from now.

What’s a vision board? It’s a collage of pictures and text of goals you want to accomplish. Cut out pictures of travel destinations you want to visit, or places you want to live. Do you prefer a view of the beach or golf course?

Next, you literally cut and paste these images on a board, and voila, you have a vision board! You’re only limited by your imagination.

After creating your couple’s vision board, it’s time to hang it up to view as a reminder and motivator to work towards those goals, as a couple!

Zip Line Together

If ziplining is available in your area, but you haven’t had the opportunity to try it, I would highly recommend you do it.
My cousins, Rosette and Sunny, invited Leny and me to spend a week in their vacation home in Kauai. We were able to enjoy the many beautiful beaches, hiking trails, and their local golf course.

It was an incredible experience! The Zip N’ Dip zip line tour, which is nestled in a lush valley of Kauai with incredible mountain views, has 9 zip lines flying over treetops, each increasing in length, ending with the ultimate 1200 feet double zip line they affectionately call “King Kong”.

We were zipline newbies, so sharing the thrill and excitement of zip lining together was a bonding experience I’ll never forget. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or not, the certified professionals at these events value your safety the most. So all you have to do is bring the fun and sense of adventure.

Take a Dance Class

Got two left feet? Take a dance class together. The show Dancing With The Stars popularized ballroom dancing and millions of people loved it. Many people secretly desire to learn how to Tango or do the Paso Doble. But if you’re not feeling that, you can try learning more upbeat styles like the Cha-Cha or Jive.

Why is ballroom dancing such a great idea for Valentine’s Day? It’s both physical and sensual. Valentine’s Day is about your expression of love on both a physical and emotional level.

You create this same expression through dance. Looking into each other’s eyes as you both move in unison, and in rhythm, you are simultaneously creating a deeper connection with each step.

Many dance studios capitalize on the popularity of Dancing with the Stars and offer most of the styles you desire learning. Some places offer a free class for first timers and discounts on future classes, once they determine your skill level.

Now It’s Your Turn

So go ahead, and take that dance class this Valentine’s Day. Who knows? Maybe you both can take it beyond Valentine’s Day and make it a regular event you share together!

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate with your loved ones. Whether you choose to a unique Valentine’s Day experience or go the traditional route of dinner, flowers, and jewelry remember to love, honor and respect the most special people in your lives!

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