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Hello and thank you for visiting Art of Cents! My name is Rolan, and along with my girlfriend Leny, we are the co-founders of Art of Cents.

Art of Cents is a website about money. More specifically, it’s about helping you find creative ways to make, spend and invest your money.

This won’t be your typical, stuffy financial blog, because were not typical and stuffy. I don’t envision this to be a financial website, but instead, an educational and lifestyle blog designed to teach you (and me) creative ways to use our money better.

Our aim is to help everyday working people. Mom and Dads, college students, career professionals, who just wants clear, practical and creative advice on how to utilize their money better.

Who are you, Rolan?

I was born in the Philippines, and moved to Los Angeles when I was 6, where I lived and worked for most of my life. Most of my working career has been in the financial field. I have a background in credit retail, risk management, banking, and accounting, as well as running my own financial services agency.

But I’m not all about finance. I enjoy cooking, working out, creating music and playing golf. I’m also a tech geek and I’m hyper interested in the specs of the equipment I use. Whether it’s knowing what the exact degree angle of my Titleist sand wedge, or type of wood used on my Kala ukulele, knowing the details are what excite me most.

Who are you, Leny?

I spent half of my life in the Philippines, raised by parents who were both entrepreneurs. When I migrated here in the US, I found my path in the corporate world managing teams for corporations in the banking and finance industry.  Today, I’ve shifted gears to the technical side of finance as a project manager for an entertainment company.

My world outside work revolves around Rolan, my family and my passion for an active lifestyle.  I am a certified yoga teacher with specializations in the healing sciences and yoga for cancer. I find myself happiest when travelling and exploring new places with Rolan.

What will you write about?

Our goal for this blog is to both educate and entertain.

We’ll write about topics that can help you save, make and spend money better. With savings, we might talk about budgets and investments.

For making money, we’ll share some of the various side hustles we’ve done or are considering doing in the future.

And for spending, we’ll be sharing reviews of items and services that we use. It could be about tech, fashion, fitness or travel.

I can’t guarantee you’ll like everything we write. But I can guarantee that we’ll make every effort to give you as much value in every post we publish.

How Can I Help?

Yes, we do need your help! We want to make this blog as successful as it can be. We’re 100% open to suggestions, and we need your feedback to make it happen.

Be Sure To Comment

We welcome all your feedbacks and constructive criticism. However, haters can leave now. Comments about my head being too big for my body is not constructive.

We want to make this site both valuable and enjoyable for you, the reader, and we want your insights to be a part of the evolution process of this blog.

Support Our Work

An early decision we made to add in our blog is the inclusion of affiliate links. Affiliate links is just a fancy marketing term for referrals.

For example, if I do a review post about the Oral B toothbrush I’ve been using, and I included an Amazon affiliate link like this: Oral B Toothbrush.

If you click on that link and purchase the toothbrush based on your research and my recommendation, I get a small commision from Amazon.

The reason we decided to include referrals is to partly support the maintenance and growth of this website. Leny and I both work full-time jobs. We live active lifestyles. We work out, practice yoga, play golf, spend lots of time with family and friends and travel often.

Of course, you can choose not to click on any links at all, and we’re totally ok with that. We believe this to be a win/win situation. By supporting our site with affiliate links ensures that we can continue to grow this blog and provide quality content for years to come.


Choosing to be a part of our community and subscribing to our email list is the ultimate form of flattery.

We work hard to provide you with the best content we can create. In turn, we hope you receive as much value as possible from our blog posts.

By choosing to be informed of what’s new in our website, we will honor our commitment of providing you with the best content we can create to provide you with as much value possible.

What Now?

Enjoy the blog! That’s all you have to do. We are excited to start this journey with you and hope we can provide you with great content that you can use and apply in your lives! We look forward to serving you.


Rolan and Leny

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